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Kingdom Women Lead

Kingdom Women Lead
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Kingdom Women Lead

Veverly Austin Enterprise Presents:

Kingdom Women Lead | 1-Day Class | Who is this for?

This class is designed to help kingdom women transition from Managing their lives to leading their lives in the direction they desire it to go. 

More than just a class Kingdom Women Lead is designed so that you can work in various workplace and ministry leadership challenges. As well as drawing from the collective intelligence of other Kingdom Women, you will make new connections and build strong relationships that will be of benefit to your personal and professional lives.

The intent of Kingdom Women Lead is to create time and space for women to engage deeply and spiritually around issues relevant to them. To discover how your career and kingdom purpose align. Our goal is that the experience will be transformative in nature both for the individual and the group.

We have purposefully designed this experience to cultivate time for reflection and enlivening you spiritually so you will feel refreshed and revitalized to move into new levels of leadership in your career and in ministry.

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